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The Terrorism Paradox B.C. 07/02/2006
US: Taking your own life is an act of war. B.C. 06/13/2006
Dear Ahmadinejad..... B.C. 05/28/2006
The Dying Dollar. B.C. 05/18/2006
The effects of a Bunker Buster (short video). B.C. 04/13/2006
Why were the planes not shot down on 9-11? B.C. 03/19/2006
9-11's Predecessor. B.C. 03/18/2006
The enemy within our gates. B.C. 03/04/2006
Israel's role in the assassination of Lebanon's Prime Minister. B.C. 02/19/2006
Whose War? B.C. 02/01/2006
Documentary: Hijacking Catastrophe. B.C. 01/18/2006
Blessed are the peace makers. B.C. 01/17/2006
The Cost Of War: 2.6 Trillion Dollars. B.C. 01/15/2006
The World According To Bush B.C. 12/28/2005
Fox Network exposed. B.C. 12/26/2005
The Israeli hypocrisy B.C. 12/25/2005

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